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October 17, 2018 – 10:21 pm | 4 Comments

Oscar-winning actress and Emmy-winning producer Reese Witherspoon already leads a popular book club on Instagram, so it seems a natural next step for her to write a book. The title, Whiskey in a Teacup, refers …

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Not Too Long Ago, In a Place Not So Far Away…

September 5, 2016 – 7:42 pm | 6 Comments
hb day

This past Saturday, I got to do something I’ve long wanted to do: see John Williams perform live, conducting the L.A. Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl.

I did not come dressed as a Star Wars character, …


Musical Memories

June 25, 2012 – 7:47 pm | 19 Comments

A couple weeks ago, I discovered this cool new iPad and iPhone app called Songza. When you log in, it knows what day and time it is and what you might be doing, and it offers …


AMERICAN IDOL S11: Top 12 Girls Perform

March 1, 2012 – 12:26 pm | 4 Comments

Once again, guest blogger Poncho breaks down Idol as only he can.—PCN
Before I start bashing the girls, I have to dedicate a little rant to dear ol’ dawg Randy Jackson: Stop with the freaking name …


AMERICAN IDOL S11: Top 13 Guys Perform

February 29, 2012 – 2:13 pm | 7 Comments
j ledet

This post is by guest blogger, Poncho.—PCN
I have to thank PCN for inviting me again for this year’s Idol. Last year was sort of a disappointment but hey, Scotty McCreery’s selling like bread (or cheese, …


AMERICAN IDOL S10: Top 3 Fight for the Finale

May 19, 2011 – 1:11 am | 8 Comments
american idol top 3

by Poncho
Let’s cut to the chase. Tonight there were three rounds, each one with different “rules.” For their first performance, the kids got to choose whichever song they liked. And it went like this:
Scotty opened …


AMERICAN IDOL S10: Were the Top 5 Inspiring?

May 12, 2011 – 1:24 am | 15 Comments
ai top 4

by Poncho
As I’ve written a few times, I don’t get American Idol [in Mexico] until about a week after it airs in the U.S., so I only watch the performances [online] and none of the …


AMERICAN IDOL S10: Top 5 Get Modern and Classy

May 5, 2011 – 2:09 am | 3 Comments

by Poncho
Tonight’s theme is “Now and Then” or something like that. It’s modern songs and then songs of the ’60s or ’70s, and all five contestants are butchering and/or killing one of each. This should …


AMERICAN IDOL S10: Top 6 Sing Carole King

April 28, 2011 – 12:37 am | 3 Comments
ai top 6

by Poncho
This week’s theme was Carole King’s songbook, and I have to say CK was good for most of these kids. The night was kind of boring, though, except for a few “highlights” now and …


AMERICAN IDOL S10: Top 7 in the 21st Century

April 21, 2011 – 12:03 am | 3 Comments
ai top 7

by Poncho
I’ll be the first to admit this episode was much more interesting than the last. The premise by itself, “Songs of the 21st Century”, made me smile a little, because this was the first …


AMERICAN IDOL S10: Top 8 Perform Movie Songs

April 13, 2011 – 10:18 pm | 3 Comments
ai top 8

Poncho is back to get all up in Idol business, which he’ll be doing until a new champion is crowned.—PCN
This week, we’re missing one great vocalist with no sense of showmanship, and left with eight …


AMERICAN IDOL S10: Top 9 Rock Out

April 7, 2011 – 10:22 am | 9 Comments
ai top_9

This post is by guest blogger Poncho, an expert on AI and many things pop culture.—PCN
Even with the theme being “Rock & Roll Hall of Fame,” the episode had little rock and less roll. …


Your Musical Identity

August 9, 2010 – 7:58 pm | 46 Comments

I was in the car today listening to the “Top 5 at 5” feature on a local radio station. Listeners send in lists of five songs they want to hear and the DJ picks one …