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October 17, 2016 – 7:36 pm | One Comment

Mara Wilson shot to fame when she was five years old, after playing Robin Williams and Sally Field’s daughter in Mrs. Doubtfire. That led to her stepping into Natalie Wood’s shoes in the remake of …

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May 20, 2009 – 10:18 am | 6 Comments

I’ve been waiting for this trailer. Not only am I a deep-rooted Sherlock Holmes fan (devoured all the stories, short and long, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the summer before 7th grade), I think …

AMERICAN IDOL Season 8: Final Competition Night

May 20, 2009 – 12:11 am | 5 Comments

This is gonna be a tough call. I thought both Adam and Kris performed well, but neither was perfect and they have such different styles it’s like comparing bears and chickens.
Each performer had to sing …

Jack Reacher Will Not Be GONE TOMORROW

May 18, 2009 – 11:02 pm | 9 Comments
gone tomorrow

The title of Lee Child’s 13th Jack Reacher novel, Gone Tomorrow (out today), is misleading since Reacher ain’t going anywhere any time soon. He’s back, this time in New York City, kicking asses like always …

ABC Picks Up Rupert, TED and V Remake (Review Included)

May 17, 2009 – 3:25 pm | 14 Comments

Back in March, I wrote about MI-5‘s Rupert Penry-Jones doing a Jerry Bruckheimer pilot, which had me excited at the prospect of seeing this fine British thespian every week on my TV. The Hollywood Reporter …

Want the New Live Coldplay Album for Free?

May 16, 2009 – 5:15 pm | One Comment

Has the recession hit you so hard you can barely afford to buy CDs, much less attend rock concerts? Well, Coldplay understands your plight so they’re giving away free downloads of their new live album, …

NINE Trailer with Day-Lewis, Kidman, Cruz and More

May 14, 2009 – 7:09 pm | 20 Comments

I seriously dislike musicals and didn’t like Fellini’s 8 1/2 much, either. But Nine, the musical version of that Italian film coming out this November, is one of the movies I’m most eagerly anticipating this …

The Nerdy Hot 10 List

May 14, 2009 – 12:08 am | 67 Comments

Maxim released its annual Hot 100 List today, focusing on women with exceptional beauty and bodacious bods. (House‘s Olivia Wilde got the top spot.)
Looking at some of the names, I thought the chosen women are …

AMERICAN IDOL Season 8 — Top 2 Finalists Revealed!

May 13, 2009 – 9:55 pm | 24 Comments

Yay, Kris made it! I predicted he’d pull the upset after last night’s strong, innovative reworking of Kanye’s “Heartless.” The judges kept saying it’d be Adam vs. Danny but look at Kris now. Ha!
Adam did …

AMERICAN IDOL Season 8 — Top 3 Perform Judges' Choice and Their Own Favorites

May 13, 2009 – 12:26 am | 11 Comments

Let me just get something off my chest first. I anxiously awaited Simon’s song choice for Adam, not because I couldn’t wait to hear Adam sing it but because Simon is usually spot-on about marrying …

Ayelet Waldman's Annoying BAD MOTHER

May 12, 2009 – 11:24 pm | One Comment

This review was written by contributing writer Thuy Dinh, a practicing attorney and an editor of the webzine Da Mau. She is also a mother of three.
Ayelet Waldman, wife of Michael Chabon, is no stranger …

HOUSE Finale–Major Spoilers!

May 11, 2009 – 11:18 pm | 6 Comments

If you haven’t seen it, do NOT read any further! Skip down to the next article!
No, no, no, I can’t believe what happened. I feel manipulated and not in a good way. I can’t believe …

George Pelecanos's THE WAY HOME Is Worth Taking

May 11, 2009 – 10:32 pm | 6 Comments

This review was written by contributing writer Eric Edwards.

I’ve never read any of George Pelecanos’s novels so I was very surprised to finish The Way Home (out today) in a single sitting. The book’s lean …

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