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March 19, 2018 – 8:31 pm | 4 Comments

In Kelley Armstrong’s This Fallen Prey, third in the Casey Duncan series (after A Darkness Absolute), the detective and the off-the-grid town of Rockton remain as fascinating as ever.
Rockton, situated in the Canadian Yukon, is …

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SCRUBS and Other Returning TV Shows

January 7, 2009 – 2:01 pm | 3 Comments

Anyone watch Scrubs last night? I thought the two episodes were pretty good. I loved this show’s first two seasons but it became really uneven over the years, to the point where I almost stopped …

Sneak Peeks at 2009's Most Anticipated Movies

January 6, 2009 – 12:52 am | 11 Comments

Happy New Year! Hope you all enjoyed the holidays and had a chance to see some movies. Now that the new year has begun, there’s a whole new slew of films to look forward to. …

My Oscar Picks

December 18, 2008 – 3:46 pm | 9 Comments
penn as milk

Though nominations haven’t even been announced, I think the following actors are going to win Oscars come February 22, 2009. This is not based on counting how many nominations/wins they’ve racked up from other organizations; …

Scores and Snores

December 12, 2008 – 5:57 pm | One Comment

Sometimes, I’ll read a bit of entertainment news and think, “Say what?!!” but a friend will say, “That’s awesome!” Below is a sampling of items I read recently and I want your feedback on them. …

Review of VALKYRIE

December 12, 2008 – 5:44 pm | 8 Comments

My pal Eric went to a screening of Valkyrie last night and turned in this review.
Valkyrie is a tight, very well-acted thriller with a passionate performance from Tom Cruise as Col. Claus Von Stauffenberg. …

Conversation with SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE Filmmakers

December 11, 2008 – 4:49 pm | 5 Comments

Last week, on the day it was chosen Best Picture by the National Board of Review, I went to a screening of Slumdog Millionaire (about a slum kid who goes on the Indian version of Who …

Correct Answer for FROST/NIXON Script Giveaway

December 6, 2008 – 11:22 am | No Comment

The correct answer was The Milton Berle Show so congrats to FFBUFF8, Greg in St. Louis, gary, Julianne and Nancy for getting it right! Your scripts have been emailed. Thanks to all for playing!
Coming up—a …

Nixon Trivia Question for Script Giveaway

December 3, 2008 – 3:02 pm | 11 Comments

If you’re on my subscribers list and are among the first 5 people to answer the following correctly, I’ll email you a copy of the Frost/Nixon script, written by Peter Morgan and adapted from his …

Review of FROST/NIXON and Script Giveaway

December 2, 2008 – 2:29 pm | 4 Comments


When I told a few friends I was going to a screening of Frost/Nixon, they all asked, “Why?” I said, “Because I think it looks interesting.” They said, “Ugh, it’s two men talking. Boooooring.”
I’m happy …

Review of REVOLUTIONARY ROAD with DiCaprio and Winslet

November 30, 2008 – 6:00 am | 2 Comments
Revolutionary Road

Remember those scenes in Airplane! when Robert Hays’s character tries to tell fellow passengers his life story but it’s so intolerable, one lady hangs herself while another man commits seppuku? When the lights went up …

Backstage at the American Music Awards

November 25, 2008 – 5:40 pm | One Comment

David Cook, reigning American Idol champ, gives me a shout out from the American Music Awards!
One of my sources was backstage at the show, held this past Sunday, November 23. She took these photos and …

Review of Baz Luhrmann’s AUSTRALIA

November 23, 2008 – 6:40 pm | One Comment

My friend Eric and I attended a Variety screening of Australia on November 20 (it opens Nov. 26), where Hugh Jackman, director/co-writer Baz Luhrmann and co-producer Catherine Martin did Q & A afterwards. Jackman looked …

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