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Review Policy

Thank you for your interest in having me do a review. The following should help determine if your title is right for this site but they are not hard-and-fast rules. Any questions, please e-mail me (Elyse) via the contact form.

Pitches: I love hearing from you but regrettably can’t respond to all pitches because of the volume I get. I usually reply within two business days if I’m interested in a title. If we’ve worked together for a while and you know my taste, feel free to add me to your mailing list. If you don’t hear back regarding one title, please don’t hesitate to pitch me others in the future.

What I cover: Mostly mysteries/thrillers but occasionally I’ll feature general fiction, magical realism, nonfiction (Jon Krakauer and Malcolm Gladwell are two writers I like), and graphic novels. I have a contributing writer who reviews YA so I can accept titles for younger readers based on my writer’s availability. I accept ARCs or finished copies, e-books only if there are no other formats available. I will gladly accept catalogs. And donuts.

What I don’t cover: Self-help, self-published, cozies, memoirs (unless they’re funny, written by people like Tina Fey or David Sedaris), biographies, short stories, historical fiction, horror, religion or New Age, romance, politics, sports, vampires, zombies, and compilation books with titles like Funniest Drunk Texts Ever or Useless Information to Make You Interesting at Parties.

Lead time and when/where I post reviews: Ideally, I’d like to be contacted at least a month before a book’s release. Regardless of when I receive the book, I’ll publish a review as close to pub date as possible, if I do it at all. I won’t post one if I can’t finish the book or if my review is overwhelmingly negative, unless it’s a high-profile title in which my readers have great interest. I’ll send you links to my reviews and also post them on Twitter and Facebook. I read everything I request or accept via query. Unsolicited titles have lower priority, unless they’re from someone I’ve previously worked with or if that person has nice hair.

Giveaways: I occasionally host giveaways, but ask that you send me a copy of the book first. I like to vet what I’m giving away so my readers don’t receive something I wouldn’t recommend or want to be associated with.

Book tours: I don’t do them at this time.

Interviews: I engage in the occasional Q & A and do a lot of research to make sure I don’t ask questions my interviewees have already answered ad nauseam. If the information exists elsewhere, I’d rather just provide a link to it. My interviews are irreverent in tone; I like to bring out my guests’ personality instead of only discussing their writing/acting process (check out examples¬†here). I request/agree to an interview only after I’ve read/watched someone’s work.

Compensation: I receive free ARCs but no money for what I write here, and never do sponsored posts. My love for pop culture fuels this site. I wish it didn’t need to be said that my opinion is absolutely not affected by my receiving free books and screeners. It’d take a LOT more than that to buy my opinion—maybe $10 million. I do belong to affiliate programs listed on my sidebar and sometimes at the bottom of book reviews. If readers click on those links, I get a tiny commission (more cents than dollars) which goes toward this site’s hosting fees and other maintenance costs.

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