LOST: “Recon” Review

by Sarah Carbiener

“Wait, when did that plane crash?”

“It was like two days ago because the second half of last season was all one day, and the temple stuff was just the day after that.”

“No, it’s been at least a week.”

“What about Jack’s ugly scar thing on his face?”

“It doesn’t tell time; it’s just inconsistent make-up.”

This is a snippet from the confused, hilarious conversation that ensued at my weekly Lost viewing party once the credits rolled on this week’s episode, “Recon.” While I was thrilled that this was an episode about Sawyer, another of my favorite characters, this conversation points out everything that was wrong with this week’s show. If it had been a genuinely good Sawyer story, my friends and I would have been babbling somewhat incoherently about how amazing and brilliant he was, and wasn’t “Locke’s” new nickname hysterical?

Although the first fifteen minutes were great, seriously great, as in the off-island scene **SPOILER ALERT** where Sawyer starts to run his usual con on a woman he’s just bedded and when she pulls a gun on him, he reveals that he’s an undercover cop! And his partner is Miles! Sheer brilliance!

But then this whole reveal off-island is wasted as it just drags out Sawyer telling Miles something we’ve all known for years: Daddy shot Mommy and then killed himself and Sawyer will murder the man responsible. All the off-island scenes were literally Miles telling Sawyer that he could tell him anything, or demanding Sawyer tell him the truth and then Sawyer being a damaged, obsessed guy hunting down the actual, um, Sawyer. (No wonder Lost fans sound insane to people who don’t watch the show.)  **END SPOILER ALERT** While the off-island scenes run on auto pilot, the home viewers have time to worry about the convoluted timeline of the past few seasons.

The island scenes weren’t much better. Unlike last week’s episode, where I had no idea what Ben was going to do in his incredibly life-threatening, life-changing situation, I could foresee all of Sawyer’s moves this week. He’s a con man. He’s done with the others and Jacob and the Dharma Initiative so he’s looking out for number one and the select few he still gives a damn about. And that’s exactly what he does in the most predictable manner ever, and he doesn’t even coin any awesome new nicknames doing it!

The only surprise this week, other than the previously mentioned spoiler, was that I didn’t hate Kate. She was the closest to being outright murdered that she’s ever been and, though I was initially disappointed that she didn’t bleed out, I actually enjoyed the rest of her scenes. Go figure.



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    March 17, 2010 at 11:03 am

    All last night did for me was confirm the more I know, the less I know and understand.

    Each character arc is so confusing that anyone can be made to look good or bad any given time. I find it really frustrating, but I’m another idiot who keeps watching.

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      March 17, 2010 at 11:11 am

      I don’t know that I found the arcs confusing this week so much as un-arcing. I mean, beyond the fact that Sawyer *SPOILER* doesn’t seem to be grieving as hard over Juliet *END SPOILER* is he that much different from the Locke episode he was featured in a few weeks ago?

      But the Kate arc actually paid off nicely. *SPOILER* Her whole reason for coming back to the island was to find Claire and bring him back to Aaron, and that didn’t go so well. Seeing her deal with something actually heart breaking and frustrating was such a nice change from seeing her deal with who to sleep with, the blond or the brunette. *END SPOILER*

      Here’s to being fools who keep tuning in!

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        March 17, 2010 at 12:05 pm

        It’s more the show, general, not last night in particular. Don’t you feel like they just spring something on us at any given moment just when we start to feel like we know a character? It’s fine for the first few times, but after a while it begins to feel like pure manipulation and very formulaic. And this is my main issue with the show. Twin Peaks was like that for the longest time, then it just got weird for weird sake.
        I think it insults our intelligence. But, then again, I’m watching.

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          March 17, 2010 at 1:30 pm

          I think their really hoping that we’ll wait for everything to make sense in retrospect, and that’s a pretty insane gamble for the final season.

          8 more weeks to go!

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