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July 2018


It’s been 110+ degrees here and I’ve been hiding in places with A/C because I’m trying to avoid an electric bill for $47K next month. This means lots of time at the library and movie theater. Luckily a couple of good movies are playing.

Photo: Jonathan Prime

I’ve seen Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again twice now and laughed both times, cried both times. I found it better than the first because it resonates more emotionally and deals with slightly more complex issues.

My second viewing was at an uncrowded matinee so I got up and danced in the aisle and surprisingly wasn’t kicked out by theater employees. If you need a burst of joy (who doesn’t?) and a dash of Colin Firth (again, who doesn’t), I highly recommend seeing it. Best to go in knowing as little as possible and just let the sunshine and music wash over you.

Photo: Paramount Pictures

Mission: Impossible–Fallout is also quite entertaining. The action is breathtaking and so visceral, if you wear your Fitbit while watching, you might see a million steps recorded afterward.

The death-defying stunts provide an adrenaline rush you get to experience while safe in your seats. The plot is a bit confusing (lots of physics…or something) but it doesn’t matter. The acting is good and there’s even a softer side to Ethan Hunt. This is the rare franchise that has improved as it ages.

Which movies have you enjoyed recently?