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I’m a former news reporter now working in the entertainment industry and freelancing as a book editor. (For more information on my editing services, click here.) I also write for the crime-fiction site Criminal Element and review mysteries/thrillers for Shelf Awareness for Readers.

I read every day, standing up, lying down, upside down, wherever. I attend advance screenings of movies and binge-watch TV shows, especially British crime shows. Love how the Brits don’t think twice about killing off everybody, even lead series regulars.

This site was started to give you a heads-up about upcoming movies, books, and TV shows that are noteworthy. I’ll also occasionally share personal stories.

If you’d like to send me something to review, please read my review policy first and then use this contact form. You can also subscribe to my blog by clicking here and/or connect with me on Twitter and Facebook.

Hope you enjoy the content, leave me comments, and come back often!

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