GREY'S ANATOMY 100th Episode–Spoilers

I have mixed feelings about this episode. I kept wanting and waiting for it to bowl me over like the show used to do in its heyday. Remember the train crash episode where two people were impaled on the same pole and the doctors could choose only one to save? Bawled my eyes out. But this ep never quite got there, though there were a few strong moments.

The wedding switcheroo was no surprise whatsoever and while it made sense that Izzie should be the one wearing the princess dress that was so NOT Meredith’s style, the whole affair smacked of pity. If Alex wasn’t ready to marry Izzie before he found out she was sick, he shouldn’t marry her now. Plus, it didn’t even seem like it was his idea, more like he was talked into it by Meredith. Who does that? I’m not going to tell my friends who and when to get married like I know what’s best for them. It’s condescending.

Also, Meredith and Izzie are definitely not the same size—Meredith is stick thin while Izzie is curvier—so Izzie can’t just put on Meredith’s dress at the last minute and look like it was custom-made for her. I was also annoyed that Alex completely ripped off that poor college girl’s valedictorian speech and got to look like a hero while she’s lying in the hospital and will probably never get to deliver the speech she’d worked so hard on.

I also don’t understand Callie’s brokeness. I know her father froze her trust fund but she’s been a successful doctor for years (and one-time chief resident at Seattle Grace) so why does she even need her father’s trust fund? What has she done with all her paychecks? She doesn’t look like she has an extravagant lifestyle (she once lived in the hospital’s basement, for goodness sakes) and it seems her daddy only withdrew the trust fund ten minutes ago and she’s already borderline homeless.

There were things I liked in this episode. I liked seeing Meredith confident and happy because I like how she smiles with her whole face. I’m also really liking Arizona because she doesn’t take any crap and I’m glad she’ll be upgraded to series regular next season. And the brief glimpse we saw of Christina banging at her ceiling fan, trying to take it down to prevent it from triggering Owen’s PTSD again, was probably the most powerful moment in the whole episode for me.

So, am I being too picky? Was this a very special episode for you or just another day at Seattle Grace? Was the wedding romantic or corny? Do you want Izzie to live or die?


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    May 9, 2009 at 11:45 pm

    I’m not sure how far behind you we are, PCN, but I couldn’t resist reading anyway! In last week’s epi, Denny finally got the message to Izzy and damn it all, no more Denny! I was really, really enjoying her hallucinations. From a purely intellectual viewpoint, of course. But to stay on topic with your post, that dress does nothing for Meredith/Ellen Pompeo.

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