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Submitted by on June 30, 2011 – 1:30 am 15 Comments
voice 4 finalists

I went into the results show thinking I’d be okay if either Javier Colon or Dia Frampton won, because he has the best voice and she is most mesmerizing while performing. After his audition with “Time After Time,” I had said to my husband, “Oh, fuggedaboutit. Just crown this guy now.” But over the past few weeks, Dia became the one I rooted for.

Yes, the show is called The Voice and Javier definitely has a big, bold, beautiful one. The problem was his tendency to oversing. His coach Adam Levine advised him on when to hold back and when to let his emotions go, but Javier seemingly just wanted to rip into every note all the time like a lion on a fresh gazelle. He gives new meaning to the term, “He killed it.” Dueting with Stevie Nicks tonight on “Landslide,” Javier was on harmony but was so loud, he often drowned out Nicks on melody. She was a little flat and subdued but the song is supposed to be introspective. Nicks had to put her hand up to his face to literally conduct him to soften his voice or stop holding on to a note for three days.

Dia’s duet, on the other hand, with Miranda Lambert on “The House That Built Me” was understated and lovely. And I don’t even like country. At times, Dia’s voice dropped to a whisper but it felt like she was more focused on connecting with the lyrics than doing vocal gymnastics. I’ll take emotion over volume any day.

But I’ll admit I voted for her mostly because her coach Blake Shelton was so passionate about her. Frampton, er, Dia comes alive when she sings but when she’s not, her shyness makes her inscrutable. Blake, meanwhile, wears his feelings for her all over his face.

Out of all the coaches, he has promoted and worked the hardest for his protegé, getting emotional every time she advanced to the next round. He and Lambert bought Dia the dress she wore on the finale when NBC deemed it too expensive for its budget. When choked-up Blake said to Dia “you are family to me now,” you could tell he wasn’t selling it for the cameras (unlike Christina Aguilera telling the guys they were the brothers she never had).

So if he vouched for Dia and thought she deserved the title, I voted for her. Yes, I wanted her to win but I wanted more for her proud coach to not be disappointed. There’s a reason it’s called Team Blake instead of Team Dia. A couple months ago, I wasn’t even sure who Blake Shelton was (a doctor on General Hospital? baseball player? see above comment about not liking country). But he’s been a revelation to me, displaying smarts, talent, genuine goodwill, and a wicked sense of humor. Now I’m listening to his “Honey Bee” and expanding my world. Go figure.

Beverly & Tedder--What's going on here??

But my world hasn’t expanded enough for me to think that Beverly McClellan’s performance of “Good Life” with Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic made any sense. I think five minutes before the live show, producers had a conversation with McClellan that went something like, “Hey, you’ll be dueting with that dude from OneRepublic.” McClellan: “Okay. Does it matter if I don’t know the song or who he is?” Producers: “Nope. Just jump around and have fun.” McClellan: “Okeydoke.” She and Tedder did look like they were enjoying themselves so let’s just leave it at that.

Vicci Martinez fared better pairing up with Pat Monahan from Train to sing “Drops of Jupiter.” I like her but the song is a little somber for her. I think she does best when she gets to bust out all her energy and just go to town, like she did on “Dog Days Are Over” and “Love is a Battlefield.”

Javier with his family

Ultimately, while Javier wasn’t my top choice, I’m still happy for him because he seems like a really good guy who’s got some serious talent. I hope he continues to work with mentors, though, who will help him make music that won’t make me change the station.

Who were you rooting for? What did you think of the finale?

Photos: Lewis Jacobs/NBC



  • Lauren says:

    We’ve discussed this pretty ad nauseum. Let me just say, go check out more Blake Shelton. Not all of his work connects with me, but Some Beach is a favorite. Austin, Nobody But Me, and Goodbye Time some other goodies. And he also does a pretty decent rendition of Home. Unlike you, I enjoyed some of his music before. Like you, I’m now a fan.

    Trivia: His (new) wife, Miranda Lambert, competed on the first (I think) season of Nashville Star (yes, I watched it, if you’re gonna make something of it, better suit up). She should have won, but came in third. Wonder what happened to #1 and #2?

    • Pop Culture Nerd says:

      You watched NASHVILLE STAR? Thank you for giving me fodder to mock you endlessly. But yes, I will check out Blake’s other stuff. I hope THE VOICE gives as big a career boost to him as it does to the contestants.

      Miranda Lambert’s placement on STAR reminds of the story about how Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott supposedly tried out for AMERICAN IDOL three times and couldn’t even make it past the initial screeners to be seen by the celeb judges.

      • Lauren says:

        I did. And you already have more nerd ammo than you could use in 9 lifetimes, so I’m not sure what good this newest revelation will do you. Did I mention I used to go to rock shows as a kid? There, put that in your bully hat and pull it out at a cocktail party to embarrass me someday. Give it your best shot, sister.

  • le0pard13 says:

    First, you stay up waaaaaayyyyyy later than I am physically capable by looking at the time of this post. Second, I think my wife agrees with you on this pick. I was not into the show (I’m usually typing away on my laptop while this is on). It was on in the background, but I’d peer up occasionally and ask what was happening (that, and wonder who dresses Christina Aguilera). Thanks, Elyse.

    • Lauren says:

      Ha! I was just telling E in an email that I think the show needs a new stylist because I’d like less of Christina’s boobage next year. Sadly, I don’t think that’s going to happen.

      • EIREGO says:

        Right?! Did you see the shot where Christina actually readjusted her entire rack? And that outfit, and every one she wore during the entire series looked like it came from the wardrobe of a stripper! Normally, I wouldn’t have minded seeing that on a woman, but it was….just wrong. I suppose I have to pick on Cee Lo as well though, his taste in clothing is really out there. I was joking with friends last night about Cee Lo’s jacket. Why would someone put their name on the back of it? He sure as hell doesn’t play sports and it’s not a director’s chair. Was he afraid someone was going to steal it? LOL!

        • Lauren says:

          Cee Lo is a total perv, but he still cracks me up. I think the name on the back of the jacket serves two purposes. (1) he can find it in the middle of the night when rushing around looking for his clothes and (2) just in case anyone walking down the street wonders if the strangely-formed, red and black-wearing, bejweled black man really IS Cee Lo Green.

          And yes, the rack adjustment was a classic, along with the quick cutaway by the camera man. It’s like the guy wanted to get a closer look through his lens and then the director mistakenly went to his shot for the feed.

          • Pop Culture Nerd says:

            I’m with you all on the befuddlement over Christina’s hair, clothes and makeup. Even if she showed up for work in a strip joint, some of her outfits would have gotten her written up for inappropriate attire. Cee Lo’s clothes were “crazy,” too (heh) but in an entertaining way.

  • EIREGO says:

    Overall, I thought the show was just okay. I agree about your comment on Javier and his over singing thing, but Christina is the queen of that and she goes further than he does by miles. Did the right person win? The best voice did, so I’d tune in again.

    I really liked Xenia though and wish she had been in the top 4 last night. Not sure who I would have replaced her with.

    • Lauren says:

      Ok, this will really show my geekiness in that I’m actually watching America’s Got Talent, but it’s relevant to your comment. A young impressionist came on and did an impression of Christina ‘ruining’ the Star Spangled Banner. Of course, she went off on ridiculous Christina runs and it was both spot on and highly hilarious. Christina could find a run in a pit of quicksand.

    • Pop Culture Nerd says:

      I liked Xenia, too! I hope to she continues to pursue her music dreams because I would buy her albums. Her cool voice made every song she sang groovy.

      Can you imagine if Javier had chosen Christina to be his coach? She would have encouraged him to turn every note into nine and all their performances would have shattered windows.

      Lauren, your geekiness is why we are friends.

  • Eddy says:

    I was a little surprised at the results. Not surprised at who won, but who came in second.

    Here’s what I wanted to see:
    1 Beverly
    2 Vicci
    3 Javier
    4 Dia

    Here’s how I assumed the voting would go:
    1 Javier
    2 Vicci
    3 Beverly
    4 Dia

    Not that I didn’t like Dia. She has a great voice and will go far. It is just that I thought that her voice didn’t stand out as much as the other three.

    Carson said that the results for the top two were close. That surprised me, too. I figured that Javier was going to win by a landslide (pun intended).

    But, early on in the season I predicted that whoever represented Team Adam would win. By far, I think that Adam made the best choices during the auditions.

    My overall biggest surprise for the season was Christina. I’ve never really listened to her, and can’t name a single song of hers, but I was amazed by the quality of her voice. I think that her coaching was very insightful, too. I’ll give her (and the other coaches) the benefit of the doubt that the coaching wasn’t scripted.

    Unfortunately, for the last three or four weeks either a problem with our local NBC affiliate, or local cable company, screwed up the audio mix of the show. The background track was way louder than the voice track, not only during the singing, but during most of the interviews. The background music, sound effects, and audience reactions overwhelmed the vocals.

    As for the concept of the show, there are two things that I like about it. I like that they weeded out the bad singers before the auditions. (I know that a lot of people get a kick out of the bad auditions on American Idol, but I can’t speak to that, since I’ve never really watched A.I.) And I like the “blind” auditions. I think that was a great idea, to start the not-so-pretty people and the overly-pretty people out on even ground.

    • Pop Culture Nerd says:

      I think Christina has an amazing powerhouse voice, but I agree with Blake wholeheartedly when he gave this critique to a wannabe: “Just because you can do all those runs doesn’t mean you should all time.”

      And I don’t think it’s your cable company. The music tracks for the coaches’ performances sounded weird here and we had a hard time hearing their vocals, too.

      I also liked the blind auditions and the fact they didn’t try to make Beverly over into a Hollywood Barbie.

  • Christine says:

    I didn’t watch any of this show, but when I saw the trailer for it, I thought it was a fantastic idea. To only be listening with no visual distraction seemed like the right idea.

    And Lauren, my sister, you’re not the only one who’s watched Nashville Star. It was a while ago, but we watched.

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