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AMERICAN IDOL Season 8 — Top 2 Finalists Revealed!

Submitted by on May 13, 2009 – 9:55 pm 24 Comments

Yay, Kris made it! I predicted he’d pull the upset after last night’s strong, innovative reworking of Kanye’s “Heartless.” The judges kept saying it’d be Adam vs. Danny but look at Kris now. Ha!

Adam did make it into the finals so Danny went home. I like Danny but I think America got it right. Next week’s showdown should be interesting because the two finalists are at completely different ends of the spectrum when it comes to their performance styles and song choices. And how cool would it be if Kris pulls another upset and wins the crown?! That would make really good television since everyone from Entertainment Weekly and Katy Perry seems to think Adam’s got this thing locked down, which I don’t think is true. Remember, Kris has never been in the bottom three and Adam has.

The rest of the results show was lackluster and not worth saying much about. Jordin Sparks made an appearance and looked gorgeous (our 17-year-old girl is all grown up!) but the song made no impression on me. It just seemed to give Sparks an excuse to strut around the stage wearing a hot mini-dress and a lot of attitude.

Alicia Keyes introduced a little boy from Riwanda named Noah, who sang “I’m the Greatest,” another forgettable song. The kid’s energy was infectious but I had a hard time understanding his singing (he learned it in English in one week). This was part of a plea for texters to pledge $5 per person to the Keep a Child Alive Foundation, which provides HIV medication to Africans.

Katy Perry performed “Waking Up in Vegas,” wearing a cape embroidered with Adam’s name on the back. I fast-forwarded through her performance after the first verse. I find her voice annoying and, like Danny, wanted to get to the results already.

So, are you happy with the finalists? Do you think Kris has a chance of winning the title?



  • Melissa says:

    I agree: not a great show. I was watching in real time, too, so could not forward over the performances. I’m rooting for Kris to win. Adam is certainly talented, but I think I would actually buy an album by Kris.

    • popculturenerd says:

      Hi Melissa,

      I’ll be voting for Kris, too. Though Adam can sing, I can’t imagine listening to a whole album of his style of singing. He’s better as a live performer.

  • EireGo says:

    I think Danny had to go. He’s a decent singer, but he just doesn’t have any real style for this kind of life. I’m rooting for Kris Allen.

  • ScriptPimp says:

    Didn’t like the show much at all last night. Except for the opening where Ben Stiller and gang picked on the judges’ comments.

    As soon as Katy Perry showed us Adam Lambert’s name on the back of her cape, I started booing. The other performances were nothing but filler and reeked of amateur hour.

    Glad Kris is still in. I don’t think Danny would have had a chance against Adam. I think and hope Kris takes the title. I haven’t agreed with any of the choices who’ve won since Kelly Clarkson. Besides, Kris seems current and ready to record. Take away the theatrics and Adam doesn’t hold up.

    • READER#9 says:

      Yeah, what was up with Katy Perry and the cape thing? Geez, I figured the producers would have kept that from happening. Not cool to do to fellow performers. I mean, she does come up with catchy tunes from time to time, but she’s not that impressive.

      I giggled all through the shameless promoting of the new Night at the Museum movie. Unfortunately, it was the only classy part of the evening.

  • Shelley n says:

    Adam’s records (which i WILL be standing in line for!) won’t be all over the top like he does on the show! Come on, guys! It’s a singing competition where if you don’t pull out all the stops, you go the frak HOME!!
    And i absolutely LOVED that Katy Perry has an opinion! Why not? All the celeb performers should be so bold!!
    And all the past idol performers all take a stand of “may the best singer win” and that just ain’t real! Just like a$$holes, we ALL have an opinion, and THEY shouldn’t have to edit themselves just to be democratic!
    Simon’s been doing it! He said straight up on Oprah, he thinks ALamb should be the winner! And i don’t applaud him just cuz he likes my guy either. I’m just glad someone has the balls to be honest about what he wants!! There are so few of those around, already!

    • READER#9 says:

      Okay, Shelley n, let’s say you were in Kris’s shoes last night. How would you feel? Regardless of Ms. Perry’s need to express her opinion or not, it just wasn’t classy.

      As for Adam’s talent, I’m not saying he isn’t inventive, he is just a bit one-note with his theatrics is all. One performance at a time is fine, but if you had to listen to an entire CD of his work, hearing the same high-pitched screaming over and over, song after song, it will get boring. Kris, on the other hand, will at least make an effort to mix it up for the listener and, like him or hate him, he is always grounded.

      • Shelley n says:

        You know what? I really don’t give a rat’s a$$ about Kris’s feelings! If he was so concerned about his feelings, he shouldn’t have auditioned in the first place! You may as well ask Simon if HE wants to stand in Kris’s shoes! Comes to the same.
        Far as i’m concerned, Kris needs to suck it up and bring his A game, same as ALamb is gonna do.
        In the “famous” industry, you have to have a VERY thick skin, otherwise, you’ll be eaten alive. If Kris is going to be put out because Katy Perry showed her preference for ALamb, then he is UTTERLY not cut out for the biz.
        And, if you think my thoughts are too harsh, i hope YOU never go into the biz, either.

    • FFBUFF8 says:

      Thanks, Shelley n! I will be standing in line next to you waiting for Adam’s CD!

    • popculturenerd says:

      I agree you have to be bold on this show but I think some of Adam’s risk-taking has been disastrous. He’s destroyed some of my faves; I’m still reeling from what he did to “One,” which was unforgivable. Perhaps it’s like James Franco’s Spider-Man 2 scene for you!

      And I do like Simon’s strong opinions; his are the only comments worth listening to. I often fast-forward when the other judges speak.

  • Shelley n says:

    oh, and by the way, Kris HAS been in the bottom 3, a couple of times. Gotta check those old eps, PCN! ;-P

  • Shelley n says:

    reader#9, i get what you’re saying. I do. But you completely ingnored my biggest point, which was that his songs are NOT going to be at 5000 watts, each and evey one. Once he gets down to making his own original music, it will be good, not grotesquely overdone, like on the show. Do you think i don’t get that?? Believe me, i DO! But i can guaranty that it will be toned down once the threat of elimination is removed. I really hope you will try to keep an open mind about it. If not, you may really miss out on something great. You too, PCN! Open mind!! Please!

    • Harmony Girl says:

      Hi, Kris fan here. I think I’m open-minded and I’m not an Adam-hater but I want to say something.

      I’m not a fortune-teller and can’t predict the future. How can you guarantee Adam will tone things down on his album unless you’re his producer? I can only judge him on what he has done and it’s mostly been, as you say, “grotesquely overdone.” That doesn’t make me close-minded; I’m just going off the current and only evidence I have.

      • Shelley n says:

        How many cd’s have you ever bought in your life? How many concerts have you gone to, corresponding to the music you listen to? Have you EVER gone to a concert where the performance was LESS exciting than the recorded material?
        I’ve been to many concerts, and the vibe in the air at a live show can be utterly electric!! Not so much in the recording studio. Live is HYPED, studio is more like an enjoyable but still necessary J-O-B.

        I CAN and DO say with complete confidence that any record that ALamb puts together will be wonderful and NOT an over-the-rainbow grotesque-fest.

        So, i say again. Please have an open mind. And if you are still ambivalent, you can always check the tracks out on iTunes or any other download service. They ALWAYS provide a sample before you buy.

        • Harmony Girl says:

          I HAVE kept an open mind, for the past four months. Adam has simply failed to impress me. I don’t hate his style; I just don’t love it. You can only give someone so many chances before you form an opinion and move on. At first, I wasn’t crazy about Kris, either, but he HAS managed to turn me around in the last few weeks.

          And open-mindedness should work both ways. The judges decided weeks ago that Adam is going to win and completely closed their mind off to Kris, no matter how well he performed. Simon even admitted Tuesday he had already written Kris off. To me, that’s suffering from Adam tunnel vision.

          • Shelley n says:

            Ok, so you buy Kris’s album and not ALamb’s. I certainly can’t force you! But i’ll give Kris’s a whirl if you give Adam’s the same courtesty. Promise. And i don’t hate Kris, i think he’s got much talent. He’s just not my bag. Same with you, i guess. We will just have to agree to disagree! PEACE! 😉
            As for the judges, well, i have no say in what they like or want, believe me if i did, whooo!

  • Poncho says:

    I’m really happy with the Top 2. Yay Kris! I think Adam’s going for the win, and I think he deserves it. The thing is that either way it has te potential to be an awesome finale.

    I was watching again Tuesday’s show and I really couldn’t believe that the judges were pimping Kris after “Heartless” (as I said, I loved the song and the studio version is very heartfelt), after putting him under the bus other nights.

    I was struck numb when I saw some exit interviews from results show when Simon said that “Heartless” was the best song choice of the entire season. I completely agree!

    I’m really happy for the finale, and I’ve been rallying for it for quite a while. I just hope I can see it live, you know?

  • DonnaB says:

    Regardless who wins, those three guys should have terrific careers awaiting them. Adam is a natural. Danny is too; I think he has charisma. Kris is good; unforunately I missed his singing on Tuesday. Next week will tell. Wasn’t impressed with Jordan Sparks song. Too predictable. Kate Perry? First I’d ever heard of her. Good entertainer; music…eh!

  • Avi says:

    Still disappointed… I wanted an Adam and Allison finale. Kris seems like a really nice, genuine guy, and he has a wonderful voice, but I’ve heard his sound so many times before. I’m just very impressed with Adam’s versatility and his years and years of legitimate vocal training. Check out his beautiful vibrato and breath support/phrasing in his performances from Brigadoon and Wicked. I feel he has the stamina for this business because of his musical theatre background which requires 110% eight times a week. All of the negative comments throughout the season about his theatrics are ridiculous to me because his craziness and energy on stage that draw people to him all come from his theatre experience. Sorry to post a very pro-Adam message on a seemingly pro-Kris blog, but I just wanted to defend him. (Also, Katie Perry has pissed me off from her start in the music business, so don’t let her cape nonsense affect your feelings about Adam. She’s just obnoxious.) With Allison, I’ll admit, I just loved that powerhouse voice and thought she was a sweetheart. Adam’s such a breath of fresh air. Whichever way this finale goes, both Kris and Adam will have fantastic careers because of this experience. In my mind, they’re both winners.

    • popculturenerd says:

      Hi Avi,

      No need to apologize for your opinions. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me and welcome differing opinions as long as they’re expressed respectfully and with intelligence, which yours were.

      Welcome to my blog; I hope you visit often.

  • Avi says:

    Thanks! I just found it today. The funny thing is I’m really not a pop culture nerd at all, but I fell in love with Adam due to my own theatre and music background and became increasingly involved in American Idol. (The first time in all eight seasons.) In search of ways to feed my new obsession, I’ve been reading different blogs, and I find that yours feels the most credible of the ones I’ve discovered. Unfortunately, it’s hard to avoid the many screechy fan blogs… So, all of that is to say thank you for the blog!

    • popculturenerd says:

      Wow, thank YOU for the kind words, Avi. I have strong feelings about many things but try not to be “screechy” about them so I appreciate your saying that.

      I forgot to mention before that I would’ve been happy to have Allison in the finals, too. But you know who my favorite girl was? The sultry, red-headed Jesse Langseth, who never even made it into the top 13. I hope a label snaps her up.

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