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I’m sitting here in a neck brace typing with only one hand because the other one arm isn’t working and the doctor says I really shouldn’t be on the computer. But the Revenge finale was quite good, after a few disappointing eps, so I wanted to tap out a few words about it.

Emily ninja’d White Hair with a giant ax! I don’t know why she threw it down after taking a few swings at him, and then got a good beating because of that, but her swinging that thing made her look formidable.

I like how simply Em and Daniel ended their relationship. He’s been slowly turning into a d-bag so I thought there’d be yelling or melodrama, but it was done quietly, and I believed Daniel might have even been hurt.

Loved Em’s response to Victoria when she came over to offer her “condolences” on their breakup: “I can feel your devastation.” And that engagement gift/empty box? Ice cold on V’s part.

Did anyone else think that kiss Conrad gave Lydia when he said goodbye was a total Godfather move? Could he be working with the mob?

I yelled, “Noooooo!” when Daniel and Ashley were making googly eyes at each other. She’s a backstabbing, manipulative little b. Then again, she might be perfect for him, where he’s headed.

Charlotte scrolled through a Rolodex to find the detective’s name? Was this 1996? I liked her OD at the end, though. That character has been so colossally annoying, I can only hope she doesn’t make it to next season, especially after that horrible, bullying stunt she pulled on Jaime.

Didn’t expect FauxAmanda to suddenly reappear—pregnant!—but am glad Em won’t be all happy with Jack. The show needs her to stay angry and “revenge-y,” as Nolan said. Also, I’ve never thought she had great chemistry with Jack, who’s a rather dull character. I resent him for not recognizing the real Amanda. If she’s his true love, he shouldn’t just buy a substitute so easily.

Speaking of FauxAmanda, where has she been all this time? No one bothers to ask her that? Just “Hey, I disappeared for months, but am now gonna have your baby, Jack”?

The twist about Em’s mom being alive was…interesting, though very Alias-y. Not just the previously-presumed-dead-mom-who’s-actually-alive plot line, but because Mom is apparently also a badass since White Hair said Em fights like her. Someone call Lena Olin’s agent to see what she’s doing this summer!

What did you think of the finale? Were you surprised by anything? Are you hooked for next season?

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    May 25, 2012 at 1:19 pm

    Just watched last night and was glad to see the show end with a couple good eps after it really flagged following the extended break. For me, they sewed up just enough and left us hanging on just enough that I was not left with that total cliffhanger feeling (which I hate – HATE cliffhangers).

    Had to laugh at the Rolodex comment, that didn’t even occur to me. But I still have business cards in a folio. If I knew how to type the sound a brontosaurus makes, I would be typing it now).

    I also thought Conrad was totally going to snap Lydia’s neck in that goodbye!

    Feel badly, but have to say I root for the same end for Charlotte. But I will add that I hope Declan follows out of guilt. Those two just add nothing to the show at all.

    Totally with you on Jack. Just read an article on EW with the showrunner and he sees Jack as the moral compass, someone who sees the good in everyone, but that he’s not stupid. I can see why that kind of compass is necessary in the show, but would like to see a little more cartilage in his spine.

    V can’t be dead, so I’ll be most interested to see how they get her off that plane.

    Was losing interest in Revenge, but now I can’t wait to get “all revengey” again come September.

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      May 30, 2012 at 9:30 am

      I loved Revenge. For me it would have been more ALIAS like if David Clark was still alive. There have a been a few season enders this year that have reminded me of ALIAS. (God I miss that show. Time to pull out the DVDs) Hawaii 5-0 was the most ALIAS like one though.

      I love Revenge. I can’t wait to see where they go with this show!

      I think the plane was a rouse and they went to DC in another vehicle. Victoria just can’t be dead.

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