March Showers Bring Cover Flowers

It’s been raining on and off in L.A. for the past three weeks, which makes me miserable and cold. Had to put on socks and turtlenecks when it hit 70 degrees indoors! 🙂

I bought rain boots at the beginning of March, thinking I’d wear them for a couple of days and put them in the closet until next year. But I’ve worn them every time I’ve gone out this month. Granted, that’s only 5 times but still—it’s supposed to be spring!

All this might have something to do with my current attraction to book covers with bright flowers or artwork or sunny locales. They’re like happy pills on gray days. I haven’t read the books but the covers have done their job in catching my eye.

Check them out below, with fake plot lines I just made up because I don’t like to read synopses before reading a book. (For real descriptions, click on the covers.)

On the day of a concert, a member of an ensemble gives his fellow musicians flowers that are actually man-eating plants because nobody puts bass in a corner.


A young woman goes home, taking not only the shortest but prettiest route, and stops on the way to see Grandma with a basket of bread and lots of wine.


A single woman in Sicily having the time of her life cavorting with lions, code for swarthy Italian men. I want to teleport myself into this cover.


While I’m mentally in Italy, why not visit a museum? This novel is about an expat venting his angst through his art, the subject of which is the teacher who was so rubbish at teaching the man rudimentary Italian, the man ended up getting his wallet stolen by a prostitute when all he wanted was to find the nearest bathroom.


After her boyfriend cheated on her, the woman in this story goes to France, where she becomes chic and fabulous and rubs his face in what he missed out on.


This one has a dark background and disturbing title, but the flowers are so pretty! And the descriptor says this is a novel about living. That’s good enough for me.

Which covers piqued your interest?

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    March 23, 2018 at 11:17 am

    These are all fun fake plots, but the one that jumped out at me the most is Suicide Club. I did a double take thinking it was a severed arm! When I saw it wasn’t, I thought “hmmm, missed opportunity.”

    They should have at least made the title on her arm out of scars from cutting. Oh… okay.. that’s a little dark of me.

    Um, Happy Spring?

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