PROJECT RUNWAY–Fashionably Late But Still in Style

I loved my Project Runway binge tonight! Having the all-star challenge, Season 6 premiere and Models of the Runway all in a row was like Thanksgiving to me—loads of  deliciousness in one evening. I indulged and have no guilt whatsoever. I hate reality shows but the two I enjoy, this and American Idol, are addictive. (If you missed the premiere, you can still rate the runway fashion here.)

The first challenge this season was to make a dress worthy of the red carpet. I’m not going to do a full review because my eyes feel radioactive after too much TV, but here are some quick thoughts: ***SPOILERS***

  • Ari

    Ari Fish

    It’s kind of shocking but rather cool that the annoying Ari got Auf’d. How did she get on the show? She doesn’t sketch and believes clothes should also double as a water purification system. Let me tell you right now—I am not drinking anything that came from my pants. Usually, producers keep the controversial contestants (Kenley, anyone?) around to drum up conflict so I applaud Ari’s elimination. I want more catwalk, not more cat fights.

  • I can’t deal with Johnny, the whiny former meth addict. He auditioned 3 times to get on the show and then cried at the start of the very first challenge without having done anything! He said, “I never thought it would be this hard.” Huh? Did he not watch the previous 5 seasons? Why pursue something so tenaciously if he didn’t know anything about it? Then he kept crying about how hard it is since he can’t turn to the meth to comfort him anymore. I respect people who can kick a serious addiction but no one put him in that pressure cooker except him. If he needed more time to heal, he should’ve stayed home and given the spot to someone else.
  • Not sure if Christopher should’ve won (I was rooting for Ra’mon and his one-shouldered purple gown) but I did like the winning dress quite a bit. It was both tough and soft, funky and feminine, something I’d definitely wear with a nice pair of cut-out booties.
  • Qristyl’s purple nightmare was just a mess without the hot or tranny. It was so loud, my teeth hurt while looking at it.
  • Guest judge Lindsay Lohan was more articulate than I expected but she still gets on my nerves. That girl has no business judging fashion considering the skanky way she dresses sometimes.
Gunn advising Ari

Gunn advising Ari

Tim Gunn is cool as ever. My favorite quotes of his from this episode:

“The big-butt factor is a big but.”—to Ra’mon

“I’m worried this is going to look like a halter diaper.”—to Ari

What did you think of the premiere? Any contestants clicked with you yet?



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    August 21, 2009 at 8:19 am

    My wife loves this show. I’ll usually read or do something on the laptop, if it’s on–but I will look up if a train wreck is about happen on it. Thanks, PCN.

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    August 21, 2009 at 8:24 am

    Tim Gunn was his usual awesomeness. You can always count on Tim for that wonderful mix of class and biting critique.

    Ari Fish was the usual strange person cliche they always put on the show, but I did expect her to last longer. Like that surfer guy who taught Tim to say “Hollah atcha boy!”.

    I do have questions though….For instance: Why is Crystal Meth addict whiner shown drinking champagne? Isn’t that enabling?

    And Asian girl/boy dress like that and wear his hair like that and then wonder why people are ask about his sexuality?

    And this I ponder every year…..What the hell are judges talking about? They fawn over some outfits that have me baffled. And then…they, themselves dress like crap. Do they even watch the show?

    I will continue to tune in though because I like to see the ideas literally take shape.

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    Pop Culture Nerd
    August 21, 2009 at 11:45 am

    LP13, I think you’ll be looking up a lot then!

    Reader#9, your comments are too funny. I have no idea if recovering crystal meth addicts are allowed to drink or not; it’s a good question. And you may gripe about stuff (I agree about the judges; I look more fashionable washing my car than Lindsay Lohan looked last night) but you know you love it!

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    August 21, 2009 at 9:53 pm

    LOVE that you didn’t hold back on your thoughts…..this blog had a lot of bite to it! Thank you.

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