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Snapshot of a Nerdy Mind

Submitted by on January 2, 2012 – 9:55 pm 10 Comments

I sat down this morning to write a new blog post, but kept getting distracted throughout the day by things I had to do after returning home from a two-week trip. Oh, who am I kidding? I’m easily distracted anyw—squirrel!

After I started over about three times on different topics, I decided to throw up another post where you get to see the crazy my blogging process. Who said it was easy?

10:30 a.m.—It’s so sunny and warm today. Wish I were outside.

10:32—But then I’d have to change out of jammies. Indoor is good.

11:15-–Should I do a book or movie review? Or funny travel stories? Like my falling asleep on the plane and leaning so far into the guy next to me, my head was practically in his lap? And then drooling on him. Okay, maybe leave out the drooling part. But that just leaves me sleeping on some guy. That’s not very interesting.

11:26—Why do I have scratches on my back? There’s another one on my leg. It’s like I was in a cage fight with cheetahs.

Noon—Need a snack. Bacon sounds good. But I just had it for breakfast. Maybe a banana. Hey, I can put clusters of berries around it, take a pic, and send it to Mom! She always giggles when she sees peeled bananas. She’d get a good laugh out of this. Heh heh.

1:42 p.m.—What is Hubster watching out in the living room? Sounds like cowboys but with porn music and horror movie-like screaming. Huh. At least there’s more going on out there than in here. Wait, now there are people speaking Chinese?

3:14—The kid next door should switch to another instrument. He cannot play the tuba. No wonder the dogs are barking.

4:02—Cheese! Hubster just brought in a plate of crackers and cheese without my asking! This is happiness.

5:17—What’s happening on Twitter? Demi Moore is playing Gloria Steinem in Lovelace? Wha?

5:29—Maybe I should write about the hope we all bring to the new year, how it’s a fresh start and a chance for…zzzzzzzzzzzz

6:33—I’m starving. Feels like tumbleweeds blowing through the inside of my belly. Ugh, there’s nothing in the house. Have to put on pants and go outside after all. There’s a GIANT hole in the back of my jeans! My ass has been hanging out all this time in public?! Cheap Costco jeans.

7:18—It sure is hard to type with one hand while trying to grab beans with chopsticks in the other. Do NOT get hot sauce on the keyboard.

7:57—Quitting time! Man, what a long day.

How’s yours going?



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